testing Freestyle 2

Spring 2011

This year we are motivated to search for new Speedfyling Spots. But not only by cable-car... We want to hike up mountains to feel the unbelievable silence in the alps and than ride down new exciting slopes .

Luckily we received new Speedriders  from the flight school in Salzburg (www.flugschule-salzburg.com) early enough before Christmas ;-)

Thanks a lot!!!

As you can see on the pictures, these Speedriders are 9sqm of pure fun!

In August 2010 we traveled with the Alpensalamder.eu Team to France.  We search for some salamanders and used our paragliders to fly, instead of hike, up the mountains.

At the end of May Paul and Chris tried to fly from 3 Volcanos in Italy. Vesuv, Stromboli and Etna. The only flyable was Stromboli. To much wind prevented them to fly from the other (up to 80km/h).


XC Flights in Greifenburg and ACRO over lago di garda!

The summer is coming!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Our new gliders arrived! Dupal sent us 3 gradient freestyler... The last weeks we enjoyed flying with them....

Thanks Dupal!

with Peter ,(www.moodymeyer.com)

tom, bernhard (performing the manouvers)

and paul (as tandem pilot) at krippenstein 26.09.2009

some nice shots 

photographers: Eva and Bernhard

My Canopy Camera Rig


Its mainly made of foam platic. There are 4 supsension points on each corner. I connect the rig with paragliding lines to the canopy. The lines are connected to the flairs of the glider (Picture 2) and with clamps to the rig (Picture 3 (backside of the rig)). So you can adjust the rig to different gliders.


Just add the camera, belay it and the SkyEye 2000 is finished!