Freestyle 3 Proto                                                                                           05.06.2014


We received the first prototypes of the Freestyle 3 from Ondrej Dupal! And yes, your and our feedback has been incorporated into the development of the new Freestyle 3! 

Improved characteristics of the new Freestyle 3:
* super stabil canopy --> stabil ears
* super nice for backfly.. way better for helico and connections
* nice starting behavior (no horse shoe effect)
* glide ratio increased (especially when accelerated)
* more dynamic on the wing
* colored stabilo line
* leading edge is made of double coated Everlast Porcher Sport

At the moment we do some testing and trimming to make the perfect Freestyle 3. We hope to finish development soon.

inverted pics by Alois                                                                                       09.04.2014

Convergence - Freestyle Highlights                                                                  17.03.2014

picture / video oeluedeniz (turkey)                                                                  01.10.2013

Let's do a brainstorming session together! Send us ideas/ comments to make the new freestyle 3 better!

What a week! Our first time in Norway at ekstremsportveko 2013 ! It was amazing. We had nice flights and met super nice people!! Thanks to Einar, Morten, Mari-Anne,.....!!! picture credit: Einar Saakvitne  


02.07.2013 / 12:12    

What a feeling! Passing Wingsuit-Flyers during a Downplanetrack and SidebySide! Watch at 2:10

Soaring Mt. Gaisberg
Photo credit: Walter Hirzinger
11.06.2013 /  18:00


video: Lake Charity Classic 2013 / Buttermere UK                                                      10.06.2013 / 22:00    

new maneuver: stacked synchro spiral                                                                          06.03.2013 / 18:00    


We are proud to present you a new maneuver called "stacked synchro spiral".
We are proud to present you a new maneuver called "stacked synchro spiral".

Lanzarote 2012/13                                                                                                                 17.01.2013 / 7:00    

video: Awake  ,  )(  '                                                                                                              04.12.2012 / 11:11 

pictures: summner trip                                                                                                          28.08.2012 / 07:45 

pictures: rainbow sky                                                                                                         23.05.2012 / 07:45 

Video: SCEN  '  )(  ,                                                                                                               19.02.2012 / 20:40

Video: More Than A Feeling                                                                                               06.10.2011 / 23:18


Video: Team Freestyle @ Bischling                                                                                 17.09.2011 / 11:52


Once again Alois made an incredible video..... Big thanks!

Video: Paul Doppler with freestyle 2                                                                                 02.09.2011 / 08:55


Alois Rettenbacher from Werfenweng made this beautiful video in August 2011. Thank you and keep up doing such wonderful things Alois!! More incredible stuff:


Video: Gradient Freestlye 2                                                                                                  30.06.2011 / 19:55   

24.05.2011 / 12:28


New glider, new handling, new design, new colors

Result: new emotions      YEAH!!!


Freestyle 2 is in the house!

pictures - testing the new Freestyle 2           28.04.2011 / 11:25


Gradient sent us the new Freestyle for testing and we were very impressed by the improvment of the glider in Acro conditions :-) The glider feels much more compact, a nice flyback is now possible and the new TeamFreestyle design is mind blowing.